About Us

Lullabies and Laughter’s Day Care Center Ltd., (LLDCC) is a caring and cooperative school which promotes cultural values and supports positive relationships and respectful interactions, offering a totally new, innovative and affordable concept in childcare and preschool education.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to take advantage of the teachable moments that happen every day by fostering the intellectual, creative, social, emotional, spiritual and physical growth and development of our students and to inspire a lifelong commitment to learning.

To provide an environment that allows children to learn by doing – moving from concrete, hands-on experiences to more abstract concept development. Our priority is to provide a healthy balance of child-directed and teacher-guided activities, as well as time for children to work individually, in small and large groups.

Moreover, we believe that a stable, safe, healthy, comfortable, and culturally relevant environment is crucial to a child’s growth. A play-based approach provides a child centered curriculum directed by teachers, in which children are encouraged to construct their own knowledge. We believe that our program reflects the needs and goals of children and families.

Lastly, we look forward to working closely with families which will provide an integrated, comprehensive approach to learning.


To be a leading global institute in the provision of quality early childhood educational programs for young children as well as education, training and professional development for lifelong learners.

Core Values

  1. Children First: We place the interests of the children first in everything we do;
  2. Collaborative Partnership: We foster a strong relationship with parents and associates;
  3. Culture of Excellence: We strive for excellence in everything we do;
  4. Professional Conduct: We hold the highest standard of integrity and treat everybody with respect and dignity;
  5. Community Spirit: We inculcate a strong sense of community spirit in our organisation.

Our Philosophy

“Train up a child in the way that he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it” Proverbs 22:6

Parents, you were chosen by God and granted a very important and precious gift which is a child, for a very short period of time. A child is like a mustard seed planted into the womb which grows into a giant tree, yet bears beautiful flowers which are so delicate.

They come to us with no warranties and no manuals. They are filled with love, joy, hope and most of all, CURIOSITY.

Our job as teachers, is to continue what you have started at home, to meet their needs, nurture and direct them in the path that the Lord has set forth for them.

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