Infant’s Supplies List

Provided below is a supplies list for infants.  Each student is required to have the following items:

Kindly provide two of each item. One item will remain at school and the other item will be kept in the baby’s bag for daily use. Additionally, please feel free to label each item with a permanent marker. We will inform you right away as supplies become depleted.

  • 4 complete change of clothing
  • 4 sterilized bottles (will be sent every day in bag)
  • 2 receiving blankets
  • 2 Plastic Bibs (for feeding)
  • 5 Pampers (5 additional pampers which remains at the school) with child’s initials on it
  • Infant’s formula (can be placed in a measured container and sent daily)
  • Cereal and feeding bowls with spoons
  • Additional snacks (which will be sent home if not eaten during the day)
  • 5 wash cloths
  • 1 baby wash or soap (unscented)
  • Baby powder (optional)
  • Petroleum jelly (or Desitin cream
  • 2 Burp cloths
  • 1 box wipes and a single size wipes (one for child’s locker)
  • Thermos with hot water (daily)
  • 2 hooded towels (one will be sent home each day for cleaning)
  • Fever reducer medication (in case of fever) and will only be administered should there be an emergency with your written and signed consent)
  • Teething gel (as needed)
  • 4 Crib sheet (2 remains at school)
  • 2 pairs of socks (remains at school)
  • 4 zip lock bags (which will contain one for additional items which remains at school and other miscellaneous items to be sent home daily.)

Lastly, should we require any additional materials for your children we will make adjustments to this list.
Please note that items you supply for you children are NEVER shared with no one else. A complete inventory will be sent home every Friday in your children’s bag.

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